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Reach engaged audiences who fit your target customer profile across our network of 31 publications dedicated to covering B2B industry content, including the latest news, resources, and events. Our industry publications serve modern professionals who come to consume authoritative content written by our tenured editors and some sourced by the world's leading minds in 16 industries.

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Display banners: Set of 3 Ad banners - includes 1 leaderboard and 2 mid-size banners for a complete advertising page takeover.

Custom content: 3 Social media banners (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter) and 3 email copies for direct marketing.­

Content syndication: Lead generation using direct email promotions to targeted audiences with a dedicated optimized landing page to capture form fills.

Intent data report: Includes (First name, Last name, Location, Job title, email address, Phone number and Linkedin profile) of all contacts who engaged with your sponsored content.

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Create and distribute natively sponsored content to reach your perfect potential customers and drive more sales. Syndicate and advertise your content across multiple channels for a targeted reach through 31 publications across 16 industries.Reach out to decision-makers with confidence and credibility with content that aligns with your mission. Boost your brand awareness and trust to lead to better conversions over time with sponsored content.

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