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Media 7 connects companies with prospects from their target account list who are actively engaging and searching for B2B marketing solutions in our industry publications.

Our solutions

Media 7 connects companies with prospects from their target account list who are actively engaging in our industry publications. It doubles the likelihood of engaging them, as they are currently searching content centered on solutions to their problems, giving you the opportunity to influence their decisions early on in their buying process

Media 7 offers you direct contact with the largest community in your industry. With our 274+ million connections in 16 industries and 31+ digital publications, we give you access to decision makers you need to reach.  

Need help to scale your business across different industries? That’s why we’re here! Whether it’s travel and hospitality, IT and technology, advertising, manufacturing, or healthcare, we've got you covered. Our 31+ industry-related brands have been thoroughly inspiring, educating, and entertaining millions of audiences for years. If you're looking to build long-term relationships and trust that drives outcome, then Media 7 is your one-stop destination. 


Place your ads in our publications relevant to your product or service and directly target the audiences specific to your industry to generate leads, recognition, and growth.

Content creation

Collaborate with our industry-experienced editorial team to develop marketing assets such as white papers, infographics, case studies, ebooks and other content formats that engage and inform decision makers throughout their buying journey. Create content based on relevance and position your brand in the market in front of your target audience.

Content syndication

Active audiences search for content solutions across 16 industries to target specific buyer personas of their target accounts. Syndicate your existing content on our 30+ industry publications and gain the benefits of valuable backlinks, better website’s domain authority, enhanced SEO and higher organic visitors through audience relevancy. Republish our indvidual pieces of content and get high-quality Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) and increased online presence.

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