Partner with us for your next event

The world has certainly changed in a short period of time - and as we are all coming to terms with the new normal, we extend our support for your virtual events. We know the challenges you are going through to pivot to a new format and ensure its success.

With Media 7 as your media partner for these events, you will have our solid backing and intent to help you at a time when you need it most. A rising tide, as they say, lifts all boats.


Promote Your Event Through Media 7 Network

Promote your event through our network of 30+ media publications that reach 274+ million in over 190 countries primarily through direct email.

Event Sponsors, Speakers Program At Media 7

Get 360° amplification of your event to sponsors, speakers, suppliers and attendees

Email Marketing Icon Media 7

50,000 emails at no cost promoting your event to audience

Social Media Reach Icon Media 7

Reach over 100+ communities on social media through promotions

Event Messaging On Newsletters Icon At Media 7

Get premium placements of your event messaging on our newsletters


Email Interviews Icon

Email interviews with your speakers / keynote presenters.

Post Event Surveys Icon

Post event surveys with your attendees to get feedback / insights from them and publish them as benefits from the event.

Summary Of Your Event As A Featured Article Icon

Publish a summary of your event as a featured article if you provide it to us after the event.


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